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       Dr.rer.nat Matthias Braun
I studied Physics in germany with the specialization on theoretcial siolid state physics (Nano-electronics, Spintroncis, Quantum Computation ect.). After a post-doc in Aachen I joined Industry and work now as Nuclear Safety Engineer.


Dr. Matthias Braun
Egkstrasse 10
91074 Herzogenaurach
Tel 09132 8359962
      Curriculum Vitae  
2008 - now: Nuclear Safety Engineer Abteilung NEPS-G AREVA NP GmbH
2007 - 2008: Post-Doc Prof. G. Burkard University RWTH Aachen
2003 - 2006: PhD Studies in Theoretical Solid-State-Physics Prof. J. König University Bochum
2003 - 2003: PhD Studies in Theoretical Solid-State Physics Prof. Schön/König University Karlsruhe
2001 - 2002 Graduate Studies in Theoretical Physics Prof. A. MacDonald UT Austin Texas (USA)
1997 - 2001: Undergraduate Studies in General Physics Fakultät für Physik University Würzburg
Non-adiabatic two-parameter charge and spin pumping in a quantum dot arXiv:0801.4925   citebase   Phys.Rev.Lett.  
Matthias Braun
and Guido Burkard
Signature of chirality in scanning-probe imaging of charge flow in graphene arXiv:0707.3212   citebase   Phys.Rev.B  
Matthias Braun,
Luca Chirolli, and Guido Burkard
Faraday-rotation fluctuation spectroscopy with static and oscillating magnetic fields cond-mat/0601607   citebase   Phys.Rev.B  
Matthias Braun
and Jürgen König
Current noise in a quantum-dot spin valve cond-mat/0601366   citebase   Phys.Rev.B  
Matthias Braun,
Jürgen König and Jan Martinek
Manipulating Single Spins in Quantum Dots Coupled to Ferromagnetic Leads cond-mat/0512519   citebase   Lecture Notes in Physics  
Matthias Braun,
Jürgen König and Jan Martinek
Probing level renormalization by sequential transport through double quantum dots cond-mat/0508458   citebase   Phys.Rev.B  
Bernhard Wunsch, Matthias Braun,
Jürgen König, and Daniela Pfannkuche
Spin current through a tunnel junction cond-mat/0411562   citebase   Superlatt&Microstr.  
Matthias Braun,
Jürgen König and Jan Martinek
Hanle Effect in Transport through Quantum Dots Coupled to Ferromagnetic Leads cond-mat/0411477   citebase   Europhys.Lett.  
Matthias Braun,
Jürgen König and Jan Martinek
Theory of Transport through Quantum-Dot Spin Valves in the Weak-Coupling Regime cond-mat/0404455   citebase   Phys.Rev.B  
Matthias Braun,
Jürgen König and Jan Martinek
Influence of a Uniform Current on Collective Magnetization Dynamics in a Ferromagnetic Metal cond-mat/0311522   citebase   Phys.Rev.B  
J. Fernandez-Rossier, M. Braun,
A. S. Nunez, A. H. MacDonald
Ph.D. Thesis: Transport through a quantum dot spin valve  PDF  
Matthias Braun
Ruhr-University Bochum, 2006
Master Thesis:Current induced modifiaction of the magnon dispersion relation  Postscript  
Matthias Braun
University of Texas at Austin, 2002