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       Physics Lecture Notes
This Collection includes non-commercial Notes of various Lectures about Physics. The Copyright in all forms owns the Author of the scripts, not me. If you find a dead link, or if you have written/found Notes, which shall be included in the list, or if you are an author and you want to remove your work from the list, just email me.
      Preparations for Studying Physics  
Mathematical preparation course before Studying Physics  PDF    online Hefft 2006 Heidelberg
Math Lectures / Workshop  Movies -- -- MSRI
SLAC ONLINE VIDEOS  Movies -- -- Stanford
Order of Magnitude Physics  PDF   Exercises Phinney 1999 Caltech
Calculus  PDF Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
Conceptual Physics  PDF    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
Discover Physics  PDF Crowell 2007 Fullerton, CA
Simple Nature  Folder    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
The Modern Revolution in Physics  Folder    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
      Elementary Math for Physicists  
Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis  Folder Collins 2003 Cleveland OH
Elementary Mathematical Methods for Physics  Folder Exercises Rau WS96/97 Dresden
Calculus-Based Physics I  PDF Schnick 2008 Manchester NH
Calculus-Based Physics II  PDF Schnick 2008 Manchester NH
Mathematical Tools for Physics  PDF Nearing 2003 Miami
Complex Numbers and Ordinary Differential Equations  PDF   Exercises Binney 2002 Oxford
Functions of a Complex Variable  PDF Binney -- Oxford
Methods of Theoretical Physics I  PDF Pope 2005 Texas A&M
Methods of Theoretical Physics II  Postscript Pope -- Texas A&M
      Advanced Math for Physicists  
C-algebras Hilbert-modules and Quantum Mechanics  Preprint Server Landsmann 1998 Amsterdam
About Symmetries in Physics  Preprint Server Gieres 1997 Lyon FR
Park City Lectures on Mechanics Dynamics and Symmetry I  PDF Marsden 1998 CalTech
Mathematical Physics Theory  PDF Plenio 2003 London UK
Further Mathematical Methods  PDF   Exercises Walet 2002 Manchester UK
Group Theory  PDF   Exercises Binney -- Oxford
Methods of Mathematical Physics I  PDF Mark Trodden 1999 Syracuse NY
Geometry and Group Theory  PDF Pope 2007 Texas A&M
Abramowitz and Stegun. Handbook of Mathematical Functions  PDF    online Bureau of Standards 1972 USA
      Computational Physics  
Introduction to Monte Carlo methods  Preprint Server Weinzierl 2000 Amsterdam NL
Introduction to Computational Physics  PDF    online Fitzpatrick -- Austin TX
Computational Physics I  Folder Exercises Gonsalves 2008 Buffalo
Computational Physics II  Folder Exercises Gonsalves 2008 Buffalo
A practical guide to computer simulations  Preprint Server Hartmann & Rieger 2001 Goettingen
Basic Computational Numerical Analysis  PDF McDonough 2001 Kentucky
Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations  PDF McDonough 2008 Kentucky
Computational Complexity for Physicists  Preprint Server Mertens 2000 Magdeburg
Introduction to Monte Carlo  Postscript Sokal 1996 New York NY
Numerical Simulations in Cosmology I: Methods  Preprint Server Klypin 2000 NMSU
Computational Physics  Folder Furnstahl 2008 Ohio
Computational Physics I  Folder Exercises Hjorth-Jensen 2007 Oslo SW
Computational physics II  Folder Exercises Hjorth-Jensen 2008 Oslo SW
Introduction To Monte Carlo Algorithms  Preprint Server Krauth 1996 Paris Frau
Monte Carlo: Basics  Preprint Server Murthy 2001 Tamil Nadu
Evolution of Networks: From Biological Nets to the Internet  Folder Dorogovtsev 2003 Trieste ITA
      Classical Mechanics  
Classical mechanics  PDF Fitzpatrick -- Austin TX
Analytical Classical Dynamics  PDF Fitzpatrick -- Austin TX
Classical Mechanics: An introductory course  PDF Fitzpatrick 2005 Austin TX
Foundations of Mechanics  Folder Abraham & Marsden 1987 Caltech CA
Lectures on Classical Dynamics  PDF Tong 2005 Cambridge UK
Introduction to Statics and Dynamics  PDF Ruina & Pratap 2002 Cornell
Solid Mechanics  PDF Rice 2000 Harvard
Hamilton's formalism for systems with constraints  online Wipf 1997 Jena
Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics  online Sussman… 2001 MIT
Test problems in mechanics and special relativity  Preprint Server Silagadze 2006 Novosibirsk
Relativity without tears  Preprint Server Silagadze 2007 Novosibirsk
Classical Mechanics  PDF   Exercises Binney 2006 Oxford
Theoretical Mechanics (Physics 419)  Folder Lammert -- Penn State
Perturbation Theory  Preprint Server Gallavotti 2007 Rome
The Elements of Mechanics  PDF Gallavotti 2007 Rome
Perturbation theory of dynamical systems  Preprint Server Berglund 2001 Zürich
Advanced Classical Electromagnetism (PHY387K)  Folder Fitzpatrick 1996 Austin TX
Classical Electromagnetism  online Fitzpatrick -- Austin TX
Classical Electrodynamics and Theory of Relativity  Preprint Server Sharipov 2003 Bashkir
Electrodynamics  Folder Exercises Jarrell 2000 Cincinnati, OH
Classical Electrodynamics  PDF Altland -- Köln
Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach  PDF Gross & Kotiuga 2004 MSRI
Classical Fields  PDF   Exercises Binney 2006 Oxford
Electromagnetic Theory I  PDF Pope 2008 Texas A&M
Electromagnetic Theory II  PDF Pope 2008 Texas A&M
Electromagnetic Field Theory  PDF Thide 2008 Uppsala SWE
Electricity and Magnetism  Folder Tatum 2007 Victoria CAN
      Quantum Mechanics  
Reconsidering the 1927 Solvay Conference  Preprint Server Bacciagaluppi… 2006 --
Quantum Mechanics (nonlinear PDE point of view)  Preprint Server Komech 2005 --
Quantum Mechanics I  Postscript Mulders 2001 Amsterdam
Quantum Mechanics  PDF Fitzpatrick 2006 Austin TX
Everything You Wanted to Know About Hydrogen  online Telfer 1996 Baltimore, MD
Quantum Principles and Particles  Folder WILCOX 1992 BAYLOR
Lecture Notes in Quantum Mechanics  Preprint Server Cohen 2006 Beer-Sheva ISR
Lectures on Quantum Physics and Applications  Folder Dimotakis 1980 Caltech CA
Quantum Mechanics  PDF Townsend 0 Cambridge UK
Pedestrian notes on quantum mechanics  Preprint Server Rosu 1994 Gto MX
Notes on Quantum Mechanics  PDF   Exercises Schulten 2000 Illinois
Quantum Mechanics  PDF    PDF Plenio 2002 London UK
Quantum Mechanics I  PDF   Exercises Walet 1998 Manchester UK
Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy  PDF Kuno 2006 Notre Dame
The Physics of Quantum Mechanics  Folder   Exercises Binney 2008 Oxford
Do we really understand quantum mechanics?  PDF Laloë 2001 Paris
Bibliographic guide to the foundations of quantum mechanics  Preprint Server Cabello 2004 Sevillia ESP
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (PHY567)  Folder Souder 2002 Syracuse NY
Web-Based Quantum Mechanics Course  online Breinig 2000 Tennessee
Elementary Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics  Preprint Server Rosu 2000 Ugto MX
Quantum Mechanics  PDF Grob 2005 Ulm
      Advanced Quantum Mechanics  
Path Integrals and Their Application to Dissipative Quantum Systems axXiv Ingold 2002 Augsburg
Quantum Mechanics II  PDF Fitzpatrick 2006 Austin TX
Spin and the Addition of Angular Momentum  PDF Corbo 2007 Berkeley
An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. I. From Relativity to Dirac Equation axXiv De Sanctis 2007 Bogota CLB
Advanced Quantum Mechanics (AP3051TUG) Slides Nazarov & Blanter -- Delft
Path Integral Methods and Applications axXiv MacKenzie 2000 Montreal CA
Lectures on Advanced Quantum Mechanics axXiv Dyson 2006 Princeton
An Introduction into the Feynman Path Integral axXiv Grosche 1993 Trieste ITA
      Statistics und Thermodynamics  
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics  PDF Fitzpatrick -- Austin TX
Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Mechanics  PDF Baxter 2004 Australia
Statistical mechanics II I   II   III   Exercise McCurdy 2006 Berkeley
Grundkurs Physik: Klassische Thermodynamik  PDF Ryder SS03 Bremen
Fluctuation-Dissipation: Response Theory in Statistical Physics  Preprint Server Marconi... 2008 Camerino ITA
Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity  PDF Sethna 2008 Cornell
Statistical Mechanics in a Nutshell  Preprint Server Rau 1998 Dresden
Introduction to thermodynamics of spin models  Preprint Server Berche & Lopez 2005 Nancy Frau
Statistical Mechanics  Folder Tuckerman 0 New York
Statistical Physics  PDF Galperin & Feder 0 Oslo
Statistical Mechanics  PDF   Exercises Binney 2002 Oxford
Lectures on Statistical Mechanics (I)  PDF Wightman & Marsden 1966 Princeton
Lectures on Statistical Mechanics (II)  PDF Wightman & Marsden 1967 Princeton
Statistical mechanics of Nonequilibrium Liquids  Folder Evans & Morriss 1990 Sydney A
Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics  Folder Vilfan 2002 Trieste ITA
Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics  Folder Schulten 2003 Urbana IL
Thermal and Statistical Physics  Folder Gould 2008 Worcester, MA
Statistical Physics  PDF   Übungen Sigrist 2008 Zürich
      Basic Experimental Physics  
Classical Electrodynamics  online -- -- --
Motion Mountain physics textbook (1300+pages)  Folder -- -- --
Physics 1  online -- -- --
Optics  online Crowell 1998 --
Electromagnetism and Optics (PHY 302l)  PDF Fitzpatrick 1999 Austin TX
Conservation Laws  Folder    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
Electricity and Magnetism  Folder    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
Newtonian Physics  Folder    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
Vibrations and Waves  Folder    online Crowell 2008 Fullerton, CA
A Heat Transfer Textbook  PDF Lienhard & Lienhard 2006 MIT
Optics  PDF   Slide1   Slide2   Exercises Ewart 2007 Oxford UK
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics  PDF Raymond 2006 Socorro, NM
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics II  PDF Raymond 2006 Socorro, NM
Optics  online Suson 1999 Texas A&M
Geometric Optics  Folder Tatum 2006 Victoria CAN
Heat and Thermodynamics  Folder Tatum 2008 Victoria CAN
Nuclear Physics  online NRC 1986 Washington
      Experimental Physics  
Introduction to Subatomic-Particle Spectrometers  Preprint Server Kaplan & Nelson 1998 Chicago IL
Nuclear and Particle Physics (Physics 615)  PDF Walet 2000 Manchester
Molecular spectroscopy  PDF Kuno -- Notre Dame
Atomic Physics  PDF   Slide   Exercises Ewart 2006 Oxford UK
      Quantum Computing & Quantum Optics  
Quantum Computation  Folder Lomonaco 2002 Baltimore
Quantum Information and Computation  Folder Exercises    Postscript Preskill 2006 Caltech
Quantum Computation  Folder Exercises Vazirani 2007 Berkeley
Quantum computation: a tutorial  online Braunstein 1995 York UK
Quantum Computation. Mini-Course  Folder Berthiaume 1996 Aarhus DK
Quantum Information Theory - an Invitation  Preprint Server Werner 2001 Braunschweig
All Teleportation and Dense Coding Schemes  Preprint Server Werner 2000 Braunschweig
Quantum entanglement  Preprint Server Horodecki 2007 Gdansk PL
Quantum Computation   Folder Exercises Lloyd 2005 MIT MA
Quantum Computation (AMS Short Course)  Folder Lomonaco 2002 Washington
Quantum Information and Computation  Folder Watrous 2006 Waterloo
Quantum computing  PDF    Preprint Server Eisert & Wolf 2004 London UK
Quantum Information Theory  PDF   Exercises Renner 2008 Zürich
Computational Quantum Physics  PDF   Exercises Forcrand & Troyer 2008 Zürich
Temple of Quantum Computing  PDF Perry 2006 0
Introduction to Quantum Optics  Preprint Server Manko 1995 Moscow RU
Gaussian states in continuous variable quantum information  Preprint Server Ferraro… 2005 Barcelona ESP
Tutorial: Quantum Information & Cold Atoms Slides Zoller 0 Innsbruck
Introduction to NMR Quantum Information Processing  Preprint Server Laflamme... 2002 Waterloo
Introduction to Coherent States and Quantum Information Theory  Preprint Server Fujii 2001 Yokohama YA
Introduction to decoherence theory  Preprint Server Hornberger 2006 München
Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Information Theory  Preprint Server Timpson 2006 Leeds UK
Introduction to Quantum Computation  Preprint Server Chatterjee 2003 Kolkata IN
Introduction to Quantum Computers and Quantum Algorithms  Preprint Server Zalka 2003 Waterloo CAN
An Introduction to Quantum Computing  Preprint Server Yanofsky 2007 Brooklyn NY
Basic concepts in quantum computation  Preprint Server Ekert…. 2000 Oxford
A Rosetta Stone for Quantum Computation  Preprint Server Lomonaco 2000 Baltimore MD
Quantum Information and Computing  Folder    Postscript Werner WS96/97 Braunschweig
Intoduction to Quantum Information Processing  PDF    DVI Lücke SS05 Clausthal
Introduction to Photonics  PDF    DVI Lücke WS04/05 Clausthal
Information, Science, and Technology in a Quantum World  Folder 0 2002 Los Alamos
      Condensed Matter Physics  
Quantum Electronics in Semiconductors  PDF Barnes 0 Cambridge
Theories of Mesoscopic Physics  Postscript Simons & Altland 2001 Cambridge UK
The Electronic Structure of Matter  PDF    Postscript Blöchl 2008 Clausthal
The Electronic Structure of Matter II  PDF    Postscript Blöchl 2008 Clausthal
Advanced Solid State Theory (AP3221TUD) Slides Nazarov & Grifoni -- Delft
Quantum Transport (NS3571TU) Slides 0 -- Delft
Transport Theory  Folder Rau SS97 Dresden
Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Slides Timm 2005 Dresden
Quantum Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures  PDF Beenakker & van Houten 1991 Eindhoven
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics  online Wah, Hepburn & Bola 0 Essex UK
Transport in Single Channel Quantum Wires  Preprint Server Grabert 2001 Freiburg
Electronic structure of matter: Reduced dimensions  PDF Blügel -- Jülich
Spintronics: Transport and Materials  PDF Bluegel -- Jülich
Noise in mesoscopic physics  Preprint Server Martin 2005 Marseille FR
Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: A Workbook  PDF Kuno 2005 Notre Dame
Introduction to Modern Solid State Physics  PDF Galperin 0 Oslo
Non-Stationary Electric and Optical Properties of Bulk Conductin  Postscript Galperin 1997 Oslo
Quantum Transport  PDF Galperin 1998 Oslo
Semiconductor Spintronics  Preprint Server Fabian… 2007 Regensburg
Lecture Notes on Surface Science  PDF    online Hofmann 2005 U. Arhus
Solid State physics  Folder Exercises Jarrell 1991 U. Cincinnati
Electron Transport At The Nanoscale  PDF Brocks 2005 U. Delaware
Transport theory of mesoscopic systems: application to ballistic transport  PDF Stone 0 U. Delaware
Solid State II  Folder Exercises Hirschfeld 2001 U. Florida
Electronic Transport in Meso- and Nano-Scale Conductors  PDF Lesovik 2008 Zürich
      Superconductivity, BEC & QHE  
BEC Homepage  online -- -- --
Bose Einstein condensates in atomic gases ; simple theoretical results  PDF Castin 2000 --
The Quantum Hall Effect: Novel Excitations and Broken Symmetries  Preprint Server Girvin 1999 Bloomington, IN
Introduction to the Physics of the Quantum Hall Regime  Preprint Server MacDonald 1994 Bloomington, IN
Making, probing and understanding Bose-Einstein condensates  Preprint Server Ketterle… 1999 Cambridge, MA
Microscopic Theory of Superconductivity  PDF Eschrig 2008 Dresden
Theory of Superconductivity: A Primer  PDF Eschrig 2008 Dresden
High-Temperature Superconductivity (PHZ7428)  Folder Hirschfeld 1996 Florida
Applied Superconductivity  Folder Gross und Marx WS05/06 Garching
Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics I+II  Folder Gross und Marx SS06 Garching
Theory of Superconductivity  PDF Kopnin 2008 Helsinki FIN
Universe in a helium droplet  PDF Volovik 2003 Helsinki FIN
Field theory for trapped atomic gases  Preprint Server Stoof 1999 Utrecht
School on Unconventional Superconductivity  PDF   Slides Sigrist WS05/06 Zürich
      Many-Body Physics in Solids  
Many-particle systems  Folder Moore 2004 Berkeley
Quantum phases of matter  Folder Exercises Moore 2002 Berkeley
Quantum Condensed Matter Field Theory  Folder Exercises Simons -- Cambridge UK
Theory of Many-Particle Systems  PDF Brouwer 2005 Cornell
Green's functions  PDF van Hess 2004 Giessen
Statistical physics   PDF van Hess 2008 Giessen
Quantum Magnetism Approaches to Strongly Correlated Electrons  Preprint Server Auerbach 1998 Haifa ISR
Wick Theorem & Normal Ordering  Postscript Wegner 2002 Heidelberg
Concepts of Theoretical Solid State Physics  Postscript Altland -- Köln
Quantum Condensed Matter Physics  PDF Nayak 2004 Los Angeles CA
Many-body theory of non-equilibrium systems  Preprint Server Kamenev 2004 Minneapolis, MN
Introduction to Many-Body Physics  PDF    PDF   Exercises Coleman 2004 Rutgers NY
Mott Insulators, Spin Liquids and Quantum Disordered Superconductivity  Preprint Server Fisher 1998 Santa Barbara
An introduction to bosonization  Preprint Server Senechal 1999 Sherbrooke CA
      Quantum Field Theory  
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory  Preprint Server Crewther 1995 Adelaide
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory  Preprint Server Crewther 1995 Adelaine
Lectures on Quantum Field Theory  Preprint Server Borcherds & Barnard 2002 Berkley CA
Quantum Field Theory  PDF Tong 2007 Cambridge
Introduction to Superstring Theory  Preprint Server Kiritsis 1997 CERN
Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime  Preprint Server Wald 1995 Chicago
Particles and Fields  PDF    DVI Lücke SS98 Clausthal
Field Theory and Standard Model  Preprint Server Buchmüller & Lüdeling 2006 DESY
Introductory Lectures on Quantum Field Theory  Preprint Server Alvarez-Gaume… 2005 Geneva
Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory  PDF van Hess 2006 Giessen
Introduction to Supersymmetry  Folder Exercises    online Wipf 2001 Jena
Path Integrals I   II    Folder    online Wipf WS08/09 Jena
Selected Topics in QFT I   II   III    online Wipf SS97 Jena
Quantum fields near black holes  online Wipf -- Jena
Quantum Field Theory  Postscript Schellekens 2008 Monschau
Field Theory and the Standard Model  Preprint Server Novikov 1998 Moscow
What is String Theory  Preprint Server Polchinski 1994 St. Barbara CA
Quantum Field Theory  PDF Srednicki 2006 St. Barbara CA
Fields  Preprint Server Siegel 1999 Stony Brook
Free comprehensive textbook on QFT  Preprint Server Siegel 1999 Stony Brooks NY
      Particle Physics & String Theory  
Review of Particle Physics (HUGE)  PDF -- 2006 --
Introduction to String Theory  PDF Schellekens -- --
A Supersymmetry Primer  Preprint Server Martin 1997 Batavia IL
Five lectures on effective field theory  Preprint Server Kaplan 2005 Berkeley, CA
An Introduction to Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Matrix Mode  Preprint Server Argurio, Ferretti& Heis 2003 Brussles B
A QCD Primer  Preprint Server Altarelli 2002 CERN, Geneva
Introduction to Superstring Theory  Preprint Server Kiritsis 1997 CERN, Geneva
Introduction to String Theory  Preprint Server Mohaupt 2002 Jena
Introduction to String Theory  PDF Van Proeyen 2004 Leuven
Introductory Lectures on String Theory  Preprint Server Tseytlin 2008 London
String Primer  Preprint Server Alvarez & Meessen 1998 Madrid
Lectures on Supersymmetry  Preprint Server Figueroa-OFarrill 2001 Manchester UK
Introduction to Supersymmetry  Preprint Server Bilal 2001 Neuchatel CH
Supersymmetry and the MSSM: An Elementary Introduction  Preprint Server Aitchison 2005 Oxford UK
Introduction to Superstring Theory  Preprint Server Schwar 2000 Pasadena, CA
Ten Lectures on the ElectroWeak Interactions  Preprint Server Barbieri 2007 Pisa IT
Elementary Particle Physics  PDF Franzini 2002 Rome
Standard Model: An Introduction  Preprint Server Novaes 2000 Sao Paulo BZ
An Introduction to Supersymmetry  Preprint Server Drees 1996 Seoul
What is String Theory?  Preprint Server Polchinski 1994 St. Barbara CA
Introduction to string field theory  Preprint Server Siegel 2001 Stony Brook
Introduction to String Theory  PDF T'Hooft 2004 Utrecht
Quantum Chromodynamics  Preprint Server Pich 1995 Valencia ESP
Introduction to Supersymmetric Gauge Theories  Preprint Server Piguet 1997 Vitoria, E.S
Interactions, symmetry breaking, and effective fields from quarks to nuclei. (A primer in nuclear theory)  Preprint Server Dobaczewski 2003 Warsaw PL
Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles  PDF Firk 2000 Yale
      Relativity und Cosmology  
Gravitational Waves and Black Holes  Preprint Server van Holten 1997 Amsterdam
Introduction to astrophysics and cosmology through Maple  Preprint Server Kalashnikov 2001 Belarussia
Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie I  PDF Borzeszkowski 1999 Berlin
Cosmology for Particle Physicists  Preprint Server Yajnik 2008 Bombay
Weak Gravitational Lensing  Preprint Server Schneider 2005 Bonn
An introduction to the mechanics of black holes  Preprint Server Compere 2006 Bruxelles BL
Gravitational Waves - A Web-Based Course  online Thorne… 2002 Caltech
Black Holes  Preprint Server Townsend 1997 Cambridge UK
Lecture Notes on General Relativity Intro    Preprint Server Carroll 1997 Chicago
TASI Lectures: Introduction to Cosmology  Preprint Server Trodden & Carroll 2004 Chicago
Advanced Topics in Cosmology: A Pedagogical Introduction  Preprint Server Padmanabhan 2006 Ganeshkhind
Lectures on Gravitational Lensing  Preprint Server Narayan/Bartelmann 1996 Garching
Lectures on Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology  Preprint Server Anchordoqui 2007 Milwaukee
Introduction to Modern Canonical Quantum Gravity  Preprint Server Thiemann 2001 Potsdam
Relativity, Space-Time and Cosmology  PDF    online Wudka 2000 Riverside CA
Les Houches Lectures on Black Holes  Preprint Server Strominger 1995 St. Barbara
Lectures on Inflationary Cosmology  Preprint Server Linde 1994 Stanford
The Field of Solar Physics  online CPSMA -- Washington
Black-Hole Phenomenology  Preprint Server Bilic 2006 Zagreb CR
      Continuum- / Hydrodynamics  
Basics of Fluid Mechanics  Folder Bar-Meir 2008 --
Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics  Folder Bar-Meir 2008 --
Lecture Notes on Fluid Dynamics  Folder McIntyre 2002 Cambridge UK
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics  Postscript Kennett -- Canberra A
Introduction to Turbulence  PDF McDonough 2007 Kentucky
Lectures in CFD of incompressible Flow  PDF McDonough 2007 Kentucky
A Practical Introduction to Numerical Hydrodynamics  online Mellema 2003 Leiden
Solution Methods in computational fluids dynamics  PDF Pulliam -- Moffett Field, CA
Fluid mechanics. Foundations 1   2   3   4   5   6   7 Gallavotti 2000 Rome
Waves (from Strings to traffic flow)  Folder Exercises Robertus -- Sheffield UK
      Plasma Physics  
Introduction to Plasma Physics  PDF Fitzpatrick -- Austin TX
Introduction to Plasma Physics  Folder Howard 2002 Australia
Introduction to Plasma physics  PDF Gedalin 2006 Israel
      Density Functional Theory  
Density functional approach to the many-body problem  PDF van Leeuwen -- Groningen
The ABC of DFT  PDF Burke… 2007 Irvine, CA
Density Functional Theory (DFT) in Practice  PDF Blügel -- Jülich
Density Functional Theory  PDF Giannozzi 2005 Pisa
Electronic Structure of Solids  PDF Giannozzi 2002 Pisa
A bird's-eye view of density-functional theory  Preprint Server Capelle -- Sao Paulo BRZ
Density Functional Theory -- an introduction  Preprint Server Argaman & Makov -- St. Barbara, CA
      Physics und Music  
Music: a Mathematical Offering  PDF Benson 2008 Aberdeen UK
The Physics of Music and Musical Instruments  Folder Lapp 2003 Medford, MA
The Physical Basis Of Music  PDF Jaynes -- St Louis
      Geophysics and Metrology  
Mathematics of Climate Change Book  PDF Mackenzie 2007 Berkeley, CA
Meteorology Guide  online -- -- Illinois
Atmospheric Convection  Folder Raymond 2007 Socorro, NM
Causality in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics  Postscript Raymond 2000 Socorro, NM
Physics of Weather and Climate II  Folder Raymond 2008 Socorro, NM
Basic Earth Imagining  PDF    online Claerbout 2008 Stanford CA
Earth Soundings Analysis  PDF    online Claerbout 1992 Stanford CA
Fundamentals of geophysical Data Processing  PDF    online Claerbout 1976 Stanford CA
Geophysical Soundings Image Construction  PDF    online Claerbout 2008 Stanford CA
Imaging the eatrths interior  PDF    online Claerbout 1985 Stanford CA
Max Fairbairn's Planetary Photometry  Folder Tatum 2005 Victoria CAN
Mechanism of the Heavens  Folder from 1831! 0 --
Astronomy Notes  online Strobel -- --
Special Features of Galactic Dynamics  Preprint Server Efthymiopoulos… 2006 Athens GRE
Astronomical Spectroscopy  Folder Blake 2004 CalTec CA
Atomic and Molecular Processes in Astronomy & Planetary Science  Folder   Exercises Blake 2004 CalTec CA
The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems  Folder Exercises Blake -- CalTec CA
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics  Folder Zombeck -- Cambridge, MA
Foundations of Celestial Mechanics  Folder Collins 2004 Cleveland OH
The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics  Folder Collins 2003 Cleveland OH
Space Textbook  online Oulo -- Finland
Elements of Astrophysics  PDF Kaiser 2002 Hawaii
Computational Astrophysics  Postscript Pfalzner WS00/01 Köln
Astrophysics Introductory Course Slides Bender & Burkert WS08/09 München
Galaxies and the Expanding Universe (Astronomy 123)  online Brau WS01 Oregon
The Solar System (Astronomy 121)  online Brau WS05 Oregon
COSMOLOGY (Astronomy 123)  online Imamura -- Oregon
Solar System Dynamics  PDF Binney -- Oxford UK
Stars Galaxies and Cosmology (Astronomy 162)  online -- -- Tennessee
The Solar System (Astronomy 161)  online -- -- Tennessee
Galaxy systems in the optical and infrared  Preprint Server Biviano 2008 Trieste IT
Lectures on Black Hole Thermodynamics  Postscript Jacobson -- Utrecht
Celestial Mechanics  Folder Tatum 2008 Victoria CAN
Stellar Atmospheres  Folder Tatum 2006 Victoria CAN
Introducing Protein Folding Using Simple Models  Preprint Server Thirumalai& Klimov 2001 College Park MD
Cellular Automata  Preprint Server Bagnoli 1998 Firenze IT
Computational Soft Matter: From Synthetic Polymers to Proteins  Folder Attig…. 2004 Jülich
Random Matrices, the Ulam Problem, Directed Polymers & Growth Models, and Sequence Matching  Preprint Server Majumdar 2007 Orsay FR
A practical guide to stochastic simulations of reaction-diffusion processes  Preprint Server Erban… 2007 Oxford UK
The Statistical Mechanics of Membranes  Preprint Server Bowick & Travesset 2000 Syracuse
Theory of Polymer Dynamics  PDF    online Briels 1998 Twente NL
Introduction to protein folding for physicists  Preprint Server Echenique 2007 Zaragoza ESP
      Electronics for Physicists  
Lessons In Electric Circuits (6 Volumes !)  Folder Kuphaldt 2008 --
Modern Signal Processing  Folder Rockmore & Healy 2004 MSRI
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing  Folder Smith -- San Diego
      Other Special Lectures  
The Chaos Hypertextbook  online Elert 2008 --
Applications of Classical Physics  Folder Exercises Thorne SS04 Caltech
Worked examples in the Geometry of Crystals  Folder Bhadeshia 2006 Cambridge
Polymer Physics  online -- -- Cleveland
Chaos classic and quantum  Folder Cvitanovic…. 2008 DK
Some Crystallographic Concepts  Postscript Wondratschek WS96/97 Karlsruhe
Renewable Energy Sources (Physics 162) Linkliste -- -- Oregon
An Introduction to Econophysics  PDF Vasconcelos 2004 Recife BRA